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Pool and Snooker Balls Generally come in to 2 Standard sizes and a variety of quality.

Pool Tables are 31/2 x7', 4x8', 41/2x9', 5x10'

21/4" balls are used for Pool tables with "V" Shaped rubber and angled corners approaching the pocket opening.

Both sets of balls should be the same size on the same table.

This shows a standard Pool table opening, using a 21/4" ball.

Snooker tables can be any size 3x6', 31/2x7',4x8',41/2x9',5x10' or 6x12' like the pro's use.

  They use a upside down "L" shaped rubber

  Making the edge where the ball strikes be a flat surface about 3/8" ( rather than a point)

  Note: the rubber has a curve going into the opening.

The Ball size is 21/16" for these tables and both your Numbered set and snooker set would be 21/16" for a snooker table.

  This shows a Standard snooker pocket opening using a 21/16" ball.


Don't want to invest in a new set of balls, just tired of the old warn out look.

Ask out our washing and polishing service. 

Make old look new again.

Duramith Black 21/4" Pro Pool Balls
Armith Pro Cup Cue Ball
Ram Phenolic Resin Classic 21/4 pool Balls
Training Ball 21-4
21/4 Premier Aramith Pool balls
21/4” Aramith® Premier Snooker Ball Set
21/16 Snooker balls Aramith Premier
Arimith Ball Cleaner